A Few New Christmas Worksheets

Free Christmas Teaching Ideas and Printables

I'm a bit late topping up my Christmas worksheets this year but better late than never. I have just finished a category of word problems involving Christmas Menus, Shopping Lists and Wish Lists. These worksheets start with the basics of adding 2 digit dollar amounts and move to shopping lists with discounts and taxes.
I'm also working on a problem solving category but have a ways to go yet. Problem solving is slightly different than word problems as you want the children to discover a method to solve the problems and of course, show their work.

I'm always looking to fill the needs of homeschoolers and educators and although I have much to do, I'll take your requests and add them to my to do list.

Have a great week educators, the holidays are just around the corner.

Correcting Inappropriate Behaviors

A FREE Daily Report Template

Let's face it, some children need a lot of support and guidance to correct their inappropriate behaviors. Personally, I have found that total respect, 1 to 1 conversations, positive reinforcement and a fair and consistent approach goes a long way to a winning relationship with a student who exhibits challenging behaviors. I also find it quite helpful to use a tracking sheet/behavior contract of some sort for a defined period of time to help support behavioral change. Check out the daily progress report along with the other behavior contracts found here.

See also: Analyzing when inappropriate behavior happens with these FBA worksheets.

Great strategies should be shared, if you like what you discover here at Worksheetplace, share with a friend. Have a great teaching week.

Greater Than or Less Than Worksheets

A Trick To Help Our Young Learners

I think I love this tip as much as my students snicker away as I share it with them.

Although it seems like a pretty easy concept, greater than and less than symbols are quite confusing for young learners. Last week, I heard one of the more comical ways of remembering these symbols, it was just  too good not to share so here you are:

"The guy with the big nose, always looks down at us so he is the biggest number!"

The students laughed and a parent told me her son won't forget it.

Give the strategy a try and here are the greater than and less than worksheets to see if it works. Have another great tip? Share in comments.

It's just over a month until Christmas, are you ready? Have a great teaching week!