The 100th Day of School

100 Days Smarter! 

The 100th day of school happens in this educational jurisdiction during February. I remember those days in the primary classroom.

My students would make a chain link necklace for the principal, 100 links of course. But, that wasn't quite enough, they also made her a hat with 100 paper circles, each circle had a word to describe her. But that wasn't quite enough either, they wrote 100 cards of thanks to her and of course to top it off, they counted out 100 cheerios and 100 fruit loops and placed them in a cup as a snack for her. The 100th day of school provides so much fun for students even if some of the strategies are a tad bent!

Share you favorite 100 day activity.

For a terrific higher level thinking activity in literacy, chek out the Figures of Speech Worksheets.

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