Do You Create a Thirst for Life Long Learning?

Hook Your Students to Become Life Long Learners 

After all, that is what they'll be doing all their lives.

Educators have a phenomenal responsibility and if you're an educator in education for the right reasons then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I would like you to read this quote and although it was written in 1941, there is no doubt that it still holds true for today.

"The test of successful education is not the amount of knowledge that pupils take away from school, but their appetite to know and their capacity to learn"

This quote was written by Sir Richard Livingstone 1941

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • In everything you do, are your students engaged?
  • Do your students feel valued and respected in your classroom?
  • Do you model enthusiasm and excitement for learning?
  • Do you vary the activities to capture the interest of all learners?
  • Is there learning in every activity you do?
  • Are you the teacher whose class you would love to be in?
  • Do you set the bar just slightly higher? After all, if you're teaching them to do something they already know - ask yourself why. Isn't that busy work??!!

If you can answer yes to these questions, you have just captured my utmost respect. However, if you haven't, perhaps one of your goals this year would be to to increase the number of questions you can answer yes to by changing your practice somewhat.

From this point onward, make a pledge to be the teacher of the class you would most want to be in.

First and foremost, help those children build an ego, a sense of self and a secure place to learn. Remember, the angry child in your room may not have that at home.

On a final note, how about giving some of these Kindness Worksheets a go to set the tone?

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