Free Digital and Printable 1st Grade Decodable Sentences

CVC words decodable sentences
Free Google Slides/Printables
CVC decodable sentences are a fantastic tool to help 1st grade students learn to read. There are over 20 free digital and printable worksheets for students to decode each of the senences that focus on the short vowel sounds. Sentences like Dad has a hat. I am sad. Students take the time to read each sentence and identify how many of the words they could read. These Grade 1 Short Vowel Sentence Worksheets designed to boost early reading skills! Our carefully crafted worksheets focus on short vowel sounds, providing a fun and interactive way for students to master fundamental phonics principles. With a variety of activities, these worksheets help young learners recognize, read, and build short vowel-based sentences, laying a strong foundation for literacy. Enhance your Grade 1 classroom or homeschooling experience with our printable resources, promoting confidence and proficiency in decoding short vowel words.

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