Too Many Hands? or No hands?

Pick Me! I Know, I Know, Ms ____ You Never Pick Me......Grunt...Ahhhh

Sound familiar? Read on, you'll see why popsicle sticks come in handy!
 When you ask a question you either get no hands up or too many hands up. Well, here's a strategy to ensure all of your students are listening.

1.  Get popsicle sticks and put your student's names on in permanent ink (on the ends).
2.  Stick the sticks in a can with the names down.
3  .Each time you ask a question, reach in, grab a stick and read the name.
4. That student is responsible for answering.

No tuning out anymore. All students are listening, they don't quite know when their name will be pulled out of the can!

This is another great tip I saw in a classroom, so once again, please try it and share it.

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