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How to Select a JUST RIGHT Book

Selecting a book that is appropriate for your learner is very important to hooking them to become readers.

This is a great printable to provide to parents who need to determine what types of books to buy their children. Finding a just right book is important at home as well as at school.

Selecting a just right book is essential to motivate a reader to improve and to ensure the reader isn't frustrated by reading a book that is too difficult. A just right book stretches the reader to learn new words and  enhances comprehension skills.

A good rule of thumb to follow for a just right book is to use the 5 finger rule. Select a book, open it and begin reading, put up a finger for each word that isn't understood, if 5 fingers are up during that first page or two, the book is too hard. For more information about leveled books and just right books, check out the full article.

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Currently, I'm enjoying the summer holidays. However, when you're an educator, it's hard to shut the mind off from thinking about teaching, teaching strategies and of course, student learning. Have a great week educators!

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