Get a Handle on Behavior

Is the honeymoon over in your class? Certainly I've noticed a decline in some of my student's behaviors already. Well, it's time to be consistent, yet fair and by no means will I be letting go of my high expectations. My success in handing behavior has always stemmed from having a good relationship with my students while keeping my expectations high. And of course, I can't say enough about being consistent. If you expect it - demand it. This week why not try some behavior contracts or worksheets to help with those students that need that extra bit.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ~ William Arthur Ward

My Opinion! (Part of the Persuasive Writing Worksheets)

Here is a great worksheet to help with persuasive writing, doesn't it all start with an opinion? This week in Ontario, Canada it's the first week back. I too will be returning to school and intend to do my best at adding new worksheets on my time off. Once again, if you have any suggestions, tips or ideas for back to school, feel free to comment back. I luv hearing from you.

Welcome Educators!

I have been wanting to provide a sharing place for educators since the late 90's and although it's taken what seems like forever, I finally went live! So, give me suggestions for resources, tips, best practices, strategies and worksheets and I'll do my best to provide the sharing opportunities to meet your teaching needs.

The pick this week is 'compare two characters' graphic organizer.

Feel free to comment with a tip, suggestion or just plain ol' feedback. Just click the comments text!