Not a great year? Kids getting away on you?

A Great Read for New Teachers

With summer holidays just around the corner, maybe it's time to reflect on this year and start acting and learning from those reflections. Teaching is much harder that it seems. Some teachers just get it and others really have to work at it. One of my colleagues asked what my secret was. I'm not sure I have a secret, I do know that I have high expectations for both learning and behavior. If I say it, I mean it and I don't say it mean. The other piece of advice I often give is to read a good book on classroom management. Harry Wong's is a favorite of mine, why not give it a whirl this summer?

See also, functional behavior assessments and behavior contracts for additional support.

Here are another few staples of mine:

  • Show respect, when you give respect, you will get respect -- most of the time.
  • Encourage the student, boost their confidence, show you care and provide them with the attention they so need for acting appropriately.
  • DON'T in power struggles, DON'T show anger. DON'T retaliate.
    Understand that inappropriate behaviors are a cry for attention.

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