New Worksheets!

Some Great Science Worksheets for K-3 Grades

If you are a K-3rd grade teacher looking for next generation science worksheets, printables and teaching ideas, be sure to check out the following ideas here.

Well, I said I'd work to add more worksheets this summer and here they are! A new science category for Kindergarten to 2nd grade. Be sure to check out:
Your feedback by way of comments is most appreciated. For those of you who like me are enjoying the summer vacation, the best to you! I'll keep plugging away at worksheets and you can be sure that I'll share them with you.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your booklets. They are a wonderfully fun, hands on way to approach these subject matters. We would love more of these! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Hilda said...

I always appreciate a teacher sharing her ideas. Your worksheets and booklets will save me a lot of time. They are very practical. I love them.