Finding Great Resources Online

Pinterest Can Be Misleading

I am a fan of finding great teaching tools and resources online. I have used Pinterest but as time goes on, I'm finding it less useful and certainly gimmicky and cluttered. When you find something, it often leads to a sales page or the link is missing. I find I'm surfing via Google once again to find some truly great resources.

I've been an educator for what seems like a lifetime. Without a doubt, the internet has made my job easier. I rarely buy resources at the teacher's store anymore.

Good or bad, it's just the simple truth. Instead, I take time to create what I used to buy and offer it free online.

Truly great educators share, after all, why reinvent the wheel? Should you have the desire to share your woksheets, send them along. I'll post them and give the credit back to you. If not, always free to grab the resources you find at worksheetplace.

This month, be sure to visit our shape books category to get your students motivated to write.

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