End of School Year Fun

Learning Until the Very Last Day

As we near the end of the school year with the enjoyable summer holidays ahead, there are ample opportunities to motivate students. How you ask? The ideas are endless! Have them write your report card!

Or let them reflect about the year.
Or 4 things they want to do this summer.
Or a letter to next year's student.
Or a letter to this year's teacher.

Or just hop on over to worksheet place to see the free end of year worksheets.

Most importantly, keep the learning active to ensure they're motivated until the very last day. Go on a sound walk, have scavenger hunts, develop safety rules for the summer. Have mock interviews for summer jobs. Be part of the resource, post your great ideas.

Mother's Day

A Free 7 Page Booklet

Linking Special Days to Learning

Are you looking for some free worksheets and teaching ideas for your students? Look no farther, if I liked it and would use it in my classroom, then you'll find it here.

Using themes and holidays to motivate learners is always a great idea. This month, 2nd Sunday in May is Mother's Day. Regardless of age, there are many great writing activities kids can do.
A Perfect Day with Mom
Take this worksheet for example, kids right about the similarities and differences between their mom and them. They also illustrate them.

Another writing activity that is more of a repetitive pattern for early writers is:
I like ____________ but mom likes_______________.
I don't like____________ and mom doesn't like_______________.

Children can illustrate the likes and dislikes. Be sure to check out all the Mother's Day worksheets.

And if you have one to share, send it along.