Christmas Fun

One of the challenges I used to give my students in the classroom was to have them figure out the cost of the items in the 12 Days of Christmas. Each year we would find the listing that would display the prices of each song item and calculate how much the True Love would have to spend this year.

A few other Christmas activities include
  • How many words can you make with the word Christmas?
  • How many items can you name that are white? red? green?
  • How many Christmas foods can you name?
  • How many Christmas ornmaments can you name?
  • How many days? hours? minutes? seconds until Chrismas?
  • How many different Christmas songs can you name in 3 minutes?
  • Re-write the words for a Christmas song and turn it into a birthday song.
Do you have some activities worth sharing? Share away.
Be sure to check out the free worksheets for Christmas too.

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