Summer Countdown

Some Strategies To Keep Your Students On Task

Do you find that your students aren't behaving as well as you would like them to? All too often, classroom management is a struggle as any holiday approaches. Sometimes, you just need to get down to business and claim back a little more authority. Try the countdown approach to those students who continue to be an ongoing challenge. I also like the I can do it behavior contract.

Another strategy I use is the reward system. Let's say you have 30 days left until the holidays. Establish 2-3 goals (e.g., always raise your hand before speaking, class becomes silent on the 3-2-1 countdown, nobody interrupts when the teacher is speaking). Once the goals are established, start providing 1 point for a reasonably good day and 2 points for an outstanding day. Each time the class gets to 20 points, reward the class with either free time, an outdoor period, pizza party etc.

Share what works for you, educators are always looking for new strategies.

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