Spring is in the Air and with it Some New Spring Worksheets

Signs of Spring Unit

There are so many exciting things you can do with your students in spring. Spring is a wonderful time of year and with it comes a re-birth and a surge of energy. Is that what they call spring fever?  If you never hatched chicks with your class, this is a great time to do so. Check with a local farmer, they'll often let you borrow or rent the incubator and it's pretty straight forward. The kindergarten students are amazed at what happens. Spring is a time to plant seeds and measure growth and it's also fun to go on a spring walk to hear, see and feel the signs of spring.

For those need something quick times, here are some spring worksheets for young learners.

Educators learn from educators, if you have a great idea or are in need of a worksheet you can't find, please let me know.

Helping children learn is my passion and sharing with you is up there too. Happy teaching!

Using Input Output Tables

Free Pre Algebra Unit

Free Worksheets for Basic Function Tables

Input output function tables can be very useful with early learners for the basic multiplication, division, subtraction and addition facts. Students need to look at the pattern, determine what the rules is (divide by 3, add 6, multiply by 2....) then they complete the answers and state the rules. These input ouput tables differ from basic operation worksheets because they require the child to look at the answers and determine the pattern before completing the tables. They are then required to state the rule.

Math is all about making connections, worksheets like this require the student to think critically, analyze what is happening, determine the answer and state the rule.  Best of all, these worksheets are all free.

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It's or Its?

Free It or It's Worksheets and Unit

FREE Unit on It or It's

Do you know how to use it or it's? Here is an overview along with some great printables for your students.

Using its or it's correctly is one of those common mistakes I see everywhere. There is a relatively simple rule of thumb for understanding when to use it's and when to use its.

Everytime you see it's, ask yourself if it can be replaced with it is or it has. If it can, you will always use it's. The version of it's with an apostrophe is really a short form (contraction) for it is or it has.

Example sentences for it's:

1. It's raining outside.  (It is raining outside.)
2. This cough is really bothering me, it's been hanging on for weeks. (it has been hanging on....)
3. If it's alright with you, I think I'll just stay home. (If it is alright...)
4. I think it's going to be a sunny day. (I think it is going to be a .....)

Example sentences for its without the apostrophe:

1.  The dog is wagging its tail. (You can't say the dog is waggin it is tail.)
2.  Joe's Pizza is known for its great sauce! (You can't say known for it is great sauce)
3.  The team was on time but its captain wasn't. (You can't say but it is captain wasn't.

When using its without the apostrophe, you'll notice that there is a sense of belonging and that the its can't be replaced easily with it is or it has.

If you can remember this, you'll never have another problem understanding the difference between it's or its.

Are you ready for a few it's or its worksheets? You'll find 15 exercises on each page with the answers on the second page.