What is Teaching all About? Relationships

Let me ask you one question: Why did you get in to teaching? 
Teaching is a job that involves working with people, and plenty of them. Teachers work with students, parents, colleagues, teaching assistants, resource specialists, consultants and of course administrators. Yet, when I got into teaching, it was because I wanted teach students and have them get excited about learning. Admittedly, I liked the school year and the fact that teachers can be off when their own children are off, that was a perk but certainly not the determining force behind my decision.  However, I never really thought about teaching being a job that was really all about having good relationships.  Perhaps the prerequisite to teaching should be - having the proven ability to build good relationships with both adults and kids. I know first hand, that it isn't possible to be a stellar teacher without having a strong ability to build and keep rapport with others, even under difficult circumstances.  Hence, I ask, why did you get in to teaching? If one answered this question, with: "I am very adept at getting along with and motivating others, I have this innate ability to build relationships even under difficult circumstances", I may say to you - you'll make a great teacher!

You can't motivate anyone to learn without having good relationships. You can't expect to win over any parents without establishing great rapport and trust which takes - having good relationship building skills.  Teaching is relationship building on an ongoing basis. It never stops.

If you are reflecting on your chosen career and wondering what it takes to make it better, consider truly delving into understanding what it takes to build rapport and ensure that all relationships you establish with your students, parents and paraprofessionals are genuine AND are in the best interest of others. Be the person that would want to be in your class, be the person that truly wants to share in what is best for each and every student. If this isn't within your range - perhaps it is time to re-evaluate why you got in to the teaching profession?

Our students of tomorrow, just like your own children deserve to have caring, passionate an inspiring teachers. Teaching is about relationships - if you're struggling, look to see how you can improve your relationship building skills.

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