Teaching Activities for Journalism for Google Apps

Are you teaching ELA with journalism activities? These teaching activities are for grades 7-10 and focus on journalism. The activities have been made for Google Apps and the Google Classroom. Your students will be engaged with this journalism and news unit designed with differentiation and inquiry teaching strategies. You will need Google Apps to use the activitiies.

If you prefer this unit in PDF, please check it out here and worksheetplace.com
Teaching information for ELA for journalism and news in the classroom
Background Information for the Learning Activities
What is the News Learning Activity

What is the News Poster

Learning About the News
Learning About Trending News
Analyze the News Trends
Compare and Contrast the News, Now and Then
Social News at a Glance Activity
What Makes News the News Activity
Learn to Analyze the News
Compare the New From 2 Sources
Pros and Cons of News Sources Teaching Activity for Google Apps
Televised versus Print News Activity

Conduct a News Survey

News Survey Results Predictions

Learning About Writing a News Lead
Learning About Writing a News Lead
Writing Good News Leads
Writing Great Leads in Journalism

Current Issues in News and Journalism Teaching Activity
The Inverted Pyramid Teaching Activity

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