Journals and Planners for Kids for Google Apps

These journal and planner activities are suitable for kids in the 2nd to 4th grades. The activities have been developed for Google apps. Have students complete the activities day by day or a week by week as a planner vs as a journal entry. Using planners and journals with kids in a classroom is a great way to get them to think about their goals for the week (social, emotional, academic) and help with accountability. Journals are a great way to foster reflection and thinking about learning.
PDF Versions of kids planners and journals here.
Planners and journals for kids in google apps
Make st Stick Planner for Google Apps
Free Planners and Journals for Kids in Google Apps
Stick to it Planner for Google Apps
Daily Reflections for Google Slides
Daily Reflections for Google Apps
A Week at a Glance Planner for Kids
Planners for Teens in Google Slides
Weekly Planner for Google Apps

Weekly Planners for Kids in Google Apps
My Awesome Week (Girl)
Planners for Kids in Google Slides
My Awesome Week (Boy)

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