Digraphs & Blends Teaching: Fun Activities to Enjoy!

Free Digraph/Blend Activities

raphs and blends are important tools for developing early literacy skills. Digraphs are two letters that work together to make a single sound, such as the "sh" in "ship" or the "th" in "the." Blends are two or more consonants that come together to form a distinct sound, such as the "bl" in "blue" or the "st" in "stop". Teaching digraphs and blends helps children to decode unfamiliar words and identify the individual sounds that make up words. This aids in the development of phonemic awareness, which is the ability to identify and manipulate the individual sounds of language. In addition, students who are exposed to digraphs and blends are more likely to become proficient readers and spellers.

Teaching about digraphs and blends is an important part of early literacy instruction because they are essential building blocks for reading and spelling. Knowing how to identify and produce these sounds helps children to decode words more quickly and accurately. Additionally, having a strong understanding of how these sounds are blended together helps children to recognize patterns in words, which can help them to spell more accurately.
Boos your students' learning with engaging digraphs and blends teaching activities. Try these activities that are in google slide format and printables.

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