Reading Comprehension: Develop Key Skills!

Grade 1-5 Free Reading Passages

Improve your child's reading comprehension skills with these simple strategies and passages and learn how to unlock the power of reading. Help to u
nlock your child's reading potential with our tips and tricks for K-gr.2 reading comprehension.

If you are teaching reading comprehension to an early learner between 5 and 7 years old or to a Kindergarten - 2nd grade level. The following skills need to be taught with each reading passage. Each time you work with a reading comprehension passage with your students, focus on:

1. Phonemic awareness: The ability to identify, blend, and segment the individual sounds (phonemes) in words.

2. Phonics: Understanding the relationship between sounds and letters and the ability to use these relationships to read and spell words.

3. Vocabulary development: Acquiring a thorough understanding of the meanings of words and phrases.

4. Fluency: Reading with accuracy and speed.

5. Text comprehension: Understanding the meaning and structure of written passages and being able to make connections between the text and prior knowledge.

6. Critical thinking and problem solving: Using higher-order thinking skills to analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions.

All the reading passages are free and come with questions and suggestions for higher level thinking.

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