Anxiety and Worry Counselling Unit and Workbook - Counselling Lessons

An invaluable resource for counselors and teachers with this Worry and Anxiety Workbook designed specifically for 9-15 year olds. This comprehensive guide is expertly crafted to address the unique challenges faced by young minds, offering practical exercises and proven strategies to navigate and manage worry and anxiety.

Tailored for counselors and teachers, this workbook provides a wealth of engaging activities that foster emotional intelligence, resilience and coping skills in children and adolescents. From insightful journal prompts to interactive exercises, each page is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and empower young individuals to express their emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

 Make a lasting impact on the well-being of the young minds you work with. Help your students build essential coping skills, resilience, and self-awareness with a resource that truly understands and addresses their unique emotional needs.

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