Book Talks

Book Talk

Ever Thought Of Doing Book Talks?

Having a book talk within the classroom mimics what many adults do for a hobby. This works well when you have multiple copies of a few age appropriate books. Each student selects from 4-6 books, the book chosen forms the groups. After the students have read portions of their book, they meet and discuss what they've read. Students should be prompted to think deeply about what they read. Some sample questions to get students talking should be available for students which could include:
  • Why did the author give the main character those traits?
  • This book reminds me of......
  • Why did the author select this setting? How does it contribute to the story?
  • Could the events be real? Why or why not?
  • What makes you uncomfortable in this book?
  • If you summarized what you've read so far, what 3 points would you make?
  • What has surprised you or disturbed you?
  • What have you learned from reading this?
  • Predict what you think will happen next and why.
  • Talk about one of the characters and discuss who that character reminds you of and why.
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