Social Skills: Why Aren't They Part of the Standards?

Perhaps Social Skills Teaching Is More Important than Anything Else?!

I was sitting among colleagues discussing the absolute need for the teaching of social skills.  First time we all agreed on something!!! With such a jam-packed curriculum, it seems that the important stuff has been left out.  Sure, we discussed how teaching social skills is done daily incidentally, but we also recognized that many students need much more than that. Perhaps it should drive the language program or be its own subject. Either way, there is a dire need for more social skills both at home and at school.

One of the best ways to teach social skills is through role play (drama), however, resources are limited. In any case, seize the moment. When you see a teachable moment, go with it.

This summer, I am adding worksheets regularly, in the meantime, here are a few character worksheets which fit in nicely with the social skills theme. As always, be sure to make your suggestions for ongoing worksheet needs.

For those of you on summer holidays (and I'm one of them), enjoy the summer, you have earned it.

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