Worksheets with a Purpose

There is Still a Need For Great Worksheets

Remember to ask yourself 'where's the learning' when you select a worksheet. Busy work rarely leads to permanent learning. When selecting worksheets, be sure you have determined exactly what it is you want the child to learn. Copying information does not lead to learning. Worksheets often have the questions on them, therefore the child does not need to spend additional time copying. At Worksheetplace, I believe all students should be achieving to their full potential. Each worksheet is designed with that in mind. Some of my favorite worksheets are in the reading response category and they fit a variety of ages.
Remember to keep the focus on learning, learning with a purpose.

Have a great week educators,

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Horizontal Asymptote said...

In my opinion, maths worksheets are very helpful for kids as they could practice with these worksheets as I think maths practice is good for kids.