Teacher's Role In Literacy

What is the Teacher's Role in Literacy?

There is no question that improving literacy outcomes for K-6 students involves hard work. To help students read more and think more deeply about what they are reading, teachers must add new skills and evidenced based strategies to their teaching repertoire. Teachers need to use strategies that support student engagement and motivation.  Teachers need to model reading, writing and speaking in authentic ways. Teachers will plan strategies that build on student’s existing knowledge and extend their learning to become independent readers and critical thinkers.

The following are key components for K-6 teachers to improve student literacy

-motivating and engaging all students (thinking critically)
-using large uninterrupted blocks of time (100 minutes daily)
-parental involvement
-rich resources and reading materials
-early intervention for at risk readers
-balanced literacy program (Shared, Guided, Modeled, Independent, Phonics, Word Knowledge)
-effective questioning
-ongoing observation and assessment
For each activity you do, ask yourself "What are my students learning?"
If there is a lot of cut and paste or copying, I might add that the learning is then reduced.  Think critically about the learning that is actually taking place with each activity your students are doing.

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