How to be An Organized Teacher

Free Organization Tips for Teachers

Being organized is everything and even more so for competent educators. If you have a process in place that all students know the routines for, you will have a well run classroom. Look at the list below, determine what your routines are and ask yourself if the students know them well. If not, it's time to develop and practice those routines until they are fully implemented.

  • Students know what to do at every bell
  •  Students know how to enter the classroom, where to put their belongings and what to do upon arriving
  • Students know your expectations for transitions
  • Students know what to do with all of their belongings
  • Students know how to seek your attention and when it's appropriate or not
  • Students know how to get required supplies and they know where everything goes
  • Students know what your expectations are for all work
  • Students know the procedures for sharpening pencils and washroom breaks
  • Students know the procedures for turning in work
  • Students know what to do when they're work is done and when their work is done early
  • Students know how to obtain missed work when they have been absent
  • Students know what to do for a drills (fire, incidents, emergencies etc.)
  •  Students know routines for working in groups, whole class and alone

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  • Students are aware of consequences for breaking rules
If you have a procedure in place for each of the above, you are an organized teacher!  For additional supports, check out the strategies here.

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