Are You Teaching all About Animal Habitats?

23 FREE Habitat Task Cards

Free Animal Habitat Unit 

I've been working on a few worksheets to support animal habitat and animal classification. I can't think of anything more motivating for children to learn about than animals. Just think of how easily you can embed higher level thinking questions and integrate the animal habitat unit with language.

For Instance:
  • What would the animal say if you changed its habitat? Why?
  • What animal would you like to be and why? Justify your answer.
  • If an animal could talk to you, which one would you want to hear from and why?
  • Discuss why some animals could never be pets, justify your answers.
  • How many different ways could you classify animals?
  • What animal is most important to you and why?
  • Think about your own pets, could they live in different regions? (polar, rainforest...) why or why not?
A Shoebox Habitat Created by a Student
Animal units provide great opportunities to give children hands on opportunities. Think of how well a puppet show would work, the puppets would talk about their habitat, their enemies, the food they eat and much more. Students could work in pairs and dress up as animals and present their findings as the animal or habitat they studied.

I also like it when students build their biome or habitat in shoeboxes and of  course you can always commpromise if you don't have a shoebox.

See the animal habitat and animal classification worksheets.

Although I provide worksheets, I want you to know that it's critically important to use as many hands on strategies as is possible too.

Have a great week educators and if you are in need of a specific worksheet, let me know as I'm always adding them to

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