Ready, Set, Goal

Setting Goals Worksheets

Free Goal Setting Worksheets and Strategies

Teachers and educators, with the new year now here there is no better time to have your students set realistic goals for the upcoming new year and or term. Goal setting is a great activity that links to oral language standards and written language.  You'll find these SMART goal setting worksheets and some goal setting worksheets to be a great help for your students. They're done in graphic organizer style and easy to implement.

Another great activity to do with goal setting to ensure that goals are appropriately set is to use the W-5 plus how strategy. Students select a goal and then answer:

Who is responsible for the goal?
What is the goal?
When will the goal be reached?
Where will the goal be implemented?
Why is this goal important?
How will the goal be achieved?

Happy Goal Setting.  Thanks to all of our users and may your upcoming year be prosperous, happy and healthy!

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