What Makes a Great and Happy Student?

Happy Students are More Productive Learners 

So, what makes students happy learners?  If you said high IQ or a healthy dose of 'the smarts', you'll be surprised to know that you didn't say what most teachers will say.
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Happy, successful and productive students are students who:
  • are intrinsically motivated (they don't need incentives or positive reinforcement to do their best)
  • show responsibility 
  • are able to think independently and solve problems with minimal intervention
  • persevere, these students have 'stick with it'ness'
  • possess good social skills
  • they have 'grit' (they handle pressure rather well)
Is it any wonder why so many educational jurisdictions are including social skills, character development and social emotional learning into their mandatory instruction or curriculum areas?

All too often, a child who doesn't do well academically will be lacking in persistence, responsibility, organization, or social skills.  If these traits improve, so will achievement. It's not rocket science that the two go hand in hand.

If you're looking for a few printables to support social emotional growth or social skills, be sure to make good use of the following:
If you have further suggestions for embedding good social development and character traits into your teaching, we'd love to hear from you.

Have a great week educators.

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