Thermometer Clipart

Are You Looking for Thermometer Clipart?

Look no farther, you can print from this page or you can print in PDF here.

The thermometer clipart is in Celsius and Fahrenheit and a combination of both.

As I began to update my weather worksheets, I soon discovered that there were very few good printable thermometers available to educators. AND, if you're teaching about weather, it's virtually impossible to teach about the weather without having thermometers, both real and printable. Hence, I decided to give my graphic arts program a go and see what I could come up with.

Here you go for your teaching pleasure, feel free to print and laminate and use with your students:

Clipart Temperature Thermometer, Generic for either C or F

Free Printable Fahrenheit Thermometer

Free Thermometer Clipart for F and C

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