Vowel - Consonant Game

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An Interactive and Engaging Game to Teach Your Students Vowels and Consonants

Let's get active when helping students identify vowels and consonants. Here's how you play:

You begin with all students standing and you say a word, when the word starts with a vowel the students squat, when it begins with a consonant , they stand.

There are many variations of this game, you may wish to just say a letter, vowels mean they touch their toes and consonants mean they stand tall and reach for the ceiling. You can use hop on one foot, touch their toes, turn around.

Games like this make learning fun. This game can also work with flash cards as well.

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Worksheets with a Purpose

There is Still a Need For Great Worksheets

Remember to ask yourself 'where's the learning' when you select a worksheet. Busy work rarely leads to permanent learning. When selecting worksheets, be sure you have determined exactly what it is you want the child to learn. Copying information does not lead to learning. Worksheets often have the questions on them, therefore the child does not need to spend additional time copying. At Worksheetplace, I believe all students should be achieving to their full potential. Each worksheet is designed with that in mind. Some of my favorite worksheets are in the reading response category and they fit a variety of ages.
Remember to keep the focus on learning, learning with a purpose.

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Social Skills: Why Aren't They Part of the Standards?

Perhaps Social Skills Teaching Is More Important than Anything Else?!

I was sitting among colleagues discussing the absolute need for the teaching of social skills.  First time we all agreed on something!!! With such a jam-packed curriculum, it seems that the important stuff has been left out.  Sure, we discussed how teaching social skills is done daily incidentally, but we also recognized that many students need much more than that. Perhaps it should drive the language program or be its own subject. Either way, there is a dire need for more social skills both at home and at school.

One of the best ways to teach social skills is through role play (drama), however, resources are limited. In any case, seize the moment. When you see a teachable moment, go with it.

This summer, I am adding worksheets regularly, in the meantime, here are a few character worksheets which fit in nicely with the social skills theme. As always, be sure to make your suggestions for ongoing worksheet needs.

For those of you on summer holidays (and I'm one of them), enjoy the summer, you have earned it.